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Dear Friends,

Universe Responding is a culmination of my life’s work, a divine destination of an exciting journey! Since 2001, I have been actively co-creating Universe Responding, but I know, in retrospect, that I have been guided by God long before that to the talents that I needed to cultivate and the situations which I needed to experience in order to prepare me for what I do today.

My early life, spent in the small town of Wellston, Ohio, was filled with activities centering around school, church, family, and friends. As a Presbyterian, then later as a Methodist, I was heavily involved with church youth activities. Throughout middle school and high school, my musical abilities as a pianist and as an organist and my organizational and leadership interests gave me many opportunities to serve my church. Through these early experiences, I developed a solid background in and understanding of traditional Protestant beliefs.

In 1974, I left Wellston to go to Columbus and attend The Ohio State University. I completed my studies there with a bachelor of science in business administration. It was during this time that I began to explore other religious traditions that further expanded my awareness. During the 1980’s, I worked in management at Nationwide Life Insurance Company, graduated from the evening program of Capital University Law School, and became an Ohio licensed attorney. In 1989, I was led to Unity, a spiritual movement, grounded in Christianity, but encompassing New Thought concepts of metaphysics, meditation, the Law of Attraction, and the idea of an always loving and good God.

During the 1990’s, I experienced a great deal of growth- personally, professionally, and spiritually. It was a period of much exploration and discovery. I left Nationwide to open my own businesses, a real estate brokerage and a law practice, and I was hired to teach on the adjunct faculty at Columbus State Community College. I became more involved with Unity, serving on the board of our large Unity church in Columbus and traveling to Unity Village as a guest speaker. Eventually, several of us decided to start a new spiritual group, The Light in the Woods Spiritual Community, designed to be based on Unity principles and teaching but incorporating a wider diversity of spiritual paths.

By the time I had that important lunch in 2001 in Celebration, Florida, I must have known enough to listen very carefully to the Universe. I was open, receptive, and welcoming of new spiritual ideas while honoring my past religious experiences. What a wonderful journey it continues to be! I thank the Universe for the guidance it has given me as I share the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life with you.

In Harmony with You and with the Universe,


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