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Welcome to the Universe Responding Marketplace of Ideas and Products! On this page, you'll find ideas, products, and artistic expressions which are compatible with the Universe Responding Spritual Model For Life. We are excited about the opportunities offered by these non-affiliated, independent organizations! We believe that using these products, practicing these concepts, and enjoying these visual, literary, and musical creations will enhance the harmony which you experience in your life and in your relationship with others and with the Universe. Our Marketplace also adds to the international interconnected web that reaches out among diverse groups to support peace, love, and understanding, If you know of an idea or product that you would like for us to evaluate for this listing, please let us know. Just send the website address, a description of the offering, and why you believe it to be compatible with the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life to .

We hope that you will enjoy exploring these wonderful websites!

Common Tables
Common Tables has been called “the simple grass-roots path to global harmony”. Believing that “when the people lead, the leaders will follow”, the Common Tables model is designed to create interactions between ordinary people of diverse belief systems, backgrounds and cultures. Their use of education and small group social interactions offers the world an alternative to bias, bigotry, racism and religious intolerance.

Be sure to use the code "Universe Responding" when you sign up.

Free and Unlimited
“Free and Unlimited” is the alternative Unity ministry of Wayne and Janet Manning in Auburn, CA. It is a portal site for access to Janet’s music and poetry, to Sunday talks from last few years of their active Unity field ministry, and especially to our online prayer ministry, the World Prayer Network.

We are in total harmony with the mission and values of Universe Responding and are happily in the dance with Valleri and her team as we each bring more of the empowering truth of universal Spirit to our good planet Earth.

Contact: Janet Manning
The Infinite Field Magazine
We run our business in a way that is highly spiritual and focused on being a light to our community and the world. We make decisions based on the leading and guidance of Spirit. We are a monthly digital publication which focuses on the limitless and boundless possibilities of the Universe and the human spirit. At TIFM, we are the pathway that intentionally connects our readers with articles, stories, people, products and services that they need and desire to create balanced and healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families.
Contact: Synolve Craft
Phone: 336.529.6762
The Baby Green Genes Marketplace
The Green Family Market offers green, organic and eco-friendly products from hundreds of companies. Shop for everything from organic baby food to non-toxic pesticides!
Contact: Betty Mekdeci
Phone: 407-566-8304

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