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September 2009                                                                                      Volume 1, Issue 3

Welcome to the September edition of the Universe Responding Newsletter. The first installment of "Listen without Ceasing" is featured in this month´s newsletter.  This concept is key to the successful practice of Universe Responding.  We are very excited this month to announce that Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life, is now available through New Leaf Distributing Company.  This is significant as it makes our book available to YOUR favorite spiritual bookstore.  We are also excited to announce that Valleri Crabtree will now be an instructor with the Florida School of Holistic Living and will be teaching her first class there in October. 

Thank you for reading our newsletter.  Blessings to you!

"Listen without Ceasing"
The key to continuous communication with the Universe

Think, Believe, LISTEN, Act, Acknowledge. The Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life depends on our ability to listen. Without listening, these elements are only words.  Without listening, there is no communication with the Universe.  Without listening, the Universe´s responses are never heard.  Without listening, the decisions that we make are made without spiritual guidance.

Listening isn’t just for times of prayer and meditation. Listening is something that we must practice at all times.

The Universe responds to our constructive thoughts. When positive, constructive thinking interacts with a belief in the divine power of the Universe, a dynamic energy is released that sharpens our sensitivity and increases our receptivity to the messages that are constantly being sent to us in response to our constructive thoughts.

But then what? We listen with our intellect and our intuition so that we may hear and understand these messages. Since the messages are sent to us all the time using every conceivable messenger, we must be ready to listen all the time. We need to train ourselves to “listen without ceasing.” The more we can learn to listen, the more messages we will hear, and the more guidance we will receive.

We don’t want to miss any of God’s messages. These wonderful gifts provide us with the direction for our actions. Acting without listening becomes a hit or miss proposition. When we do this, we are on our own. To realize the full potential of our constructive thoughts, we must listen before we act. Only then do we know that the transformation of an idea in our mind has reached its highest level of excellence as it becomes a reality in our life. It is therefore imperative to hear as many messages as we can. To do this requires that we learn to listen all the time.

As part of listening, we need to understand the nature of the Universe’s messages and our role as a recipient of these messages. First, we accept that messages are sent to us constantly. The Universe doesn’t take a vacation from giving us the guidance that we need. Second, we understand that anyone or anything can be a messenger. We may hear messages from a friend during a casual conversation, over the television during a commercial, in a sermon at our church, within our mind during a quiet walk or meditation, or as a strong intuitive feeling while doing a totally unrelated task. These messages often arrive in the form of a "coincidence." Third, we learn to not ignore or discard any possible message until we have evaluated whether it makes sense intellectually and feels right intuitively. We look beyond its packaging to discover its meaning. Finally, we adopt a mindset where we expect that God will provide direction to us. We will not be surprised when exactly what we need at that moment appears to us.

We “listen without ceasing” for these messages. We adopt an open and receptive mind and heart, consciously removing any barrier, boundary, or blockage that might deflect or hinder the messages directed toward us. We use methods to remind ourselves to listen at all times. We learn to “meditate with our eyes open” so that a part of our intellect and our intuition is always focused on the Universe- and listening for its messages.

This takes both understanding and practice. In our October Universe Responding newsletter, “Listening Without Ceasing"- How to do it, specific methods to "listen without ceasing" will be shared. We’ll discuss particular techniques to help achieve a continual awareness of the Universe and the messages which it sends to us.

Book Signings Scheduled

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming book signings! Meet the author, have her autograph your book, and enjoy refreshments during this event:

Thursday, October 15, from 6pm to 8pm Metabolic Balance of Celebration
607 Celebration Avenue


Join Valleri Crabtree as she teaches "The Five Elements of Universe Responding," a five week class to be held at the Florida School of Holistic Living, beginning on Wednesday, October 7.  Each class meets from 7pm - 8:30pm.  Class dates are October 7, 14, 21, 28, and November 4.

At each class meeting, one of the five elements of Universe Responding- Think, Believe, Listen, Act, and Acknowledge- will be discussed and explored.  By the end of the five weeks, each student will be actively engaged in a continuous communication with their Higher Power, co-creating the life that she or he has always imagined!

For more information and to register, contact the Florida School of Holistic Living at or call 407.595.3731.

Universe Responding,
A Spiritual Model For Life

Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life

is available at: - both paperback and Kindle editions

Confetti in Celebration, FL

Barber and Beauty Emporium in Celebration, FL

Unity of Ft. Lauderdale Bookstore in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Spiral Circle Bookstore in Orlando, FL

Shining Through Bookstore in Delray Beach, FL

Unity Church of Melbourne in Melbourne, FL

Sarasota Unity Church Bookstore in Sarasota, FL

New Life Unity Church Bookstore in Tampa, FL

Please watch the Universe Responding facebook page and  our web site  at for newly added locations! Would you like to know more about our book? Check out the testimonials at and the reader reviews on!

And, in addition to the bookstores listed above...

Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life is now available through NEW LEAF DISTRIBUTING COMPANY! This is a major, international distributor of books to retail bookstores.This means that you can now request our book at your favorite New Age/New Thought/Metaphysical bookstore!  Be sure to let them know that our book is available through NEW LEAF.

Enjoy Universe Responding - The Song

Enjoy Universe Responding - The Song on the Universe Responding facebook page.  The complete, professionally recorded song can be heard at this location.  This beautiful song is the perfect companion to your study of Universe Responding.  Universe Responding - The Song beautifully sums up the concept of Universe Responding as it reminds us of its five elements.  Gaab set the lyrics, which were written by Valleri, to an outstanding musical arrangement, which he also performed.  To add it to your own music library, visit or where it is available for purchase.


Here are a few ways that you can learn more about Universe Responding...

* Purchase the book, Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life, which is the cornerstone of the Universe Responding concept.  To truly understand the power of this formula and how it can make a dramatic change in your life, the book is essential to your study.  See above for a listing of locations where the book is available.

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