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 October, 2009                                                                                         Volume 1, Issue 4

Welcome to the October edition of the Universe Responding Newsletter. The second installment of "Listen without Ceasing" is our featured article.  Be sure to refer to our September newsletter for the first part of our series on this important topic!  This month, we´re looking forward to many activities which will allow us to share the Universe Responding concept.  Our first Universe Responding classes will be held at the Florida School for Holistic Living in Orlando, Florida; we have another exciting book signing planned in Celebration, Florida; and Valleri is speaking and conducting a workshop at the Unity Church of Peace in Port Charlotte, Florida, on Sunday, October 25.  Please check our web site at for more events and announcements.  We also want to thank The Light in the Woods Spiritual Community of Columbus, Ohio and its leader, the Reverend Tere Banks, for their wonderful hospitality during Valleri´s engagement there on September 27.  Thank you for reading our newsletter.  Blessings to you!

"Listen Without Ceasing”
Turning a spiritual theory into a practical reality

Last month in our September newsletter, we discussed the importance of "listening without ceasing."  This month, we learn a few ways to practice this concept in our daily lives.

We all want to co-create the life that we’ve always imagined.  We want to transform what is an idea in our mind to a fact in our life.  But how do we really do this? A big part of this answer is that we must learn to “listen without ceasing” for the Universe’s messages.

These messages contain guidance and most of us would welcome more of God’s guidance in our lives.  We should allow this guidance to direct our actions.  Without guidance, we find ourselves in a spiritual vacuum, wondering what to do next, taking the wrong turns, and making harmful decisions.  When we have the guidance from the Universe’s messages, our lives are much easier, our choices are clearer, and are results are excellent!

So to hear the messages and discern their guidance we need two things- quality of hearing and quantity of messages.  Increased quality of hearing is what results from “Think-Believe” energy.  This is created when our constructive thoughts combine with our belief in the power of the Universe.  Through this process, our ability to hear and understand is sharpened and intensified and we become much more sensitive to the messages that we receive.

In addition to hearing quality, it’s vital that we also have heard as many messages as we possibly can.  We need to maximize the quantity of messages we absorb.  To do this, we learn to “listen without ceasing.”  With all the noise and distractions that surround us all the time, how do we remember to listen? How do we train ourselves to be aware and ready for the Universe’s messages?

First, we learn how to “meditate with our eyes open.”  Most of us are familiar with structured meditation- those times when we enter into a silent communion with our Higher Power.  This is a valuable and important method and one that should be practiced often as part of the Universe Responding concept.  Structured meditation helps us to achieve clarity in our thoughts and to open our intuitive channels of listening.  There is another kind of meditation, though, that is even more important as we strive to listen all the time.  In Universe Responding, we call this “flowing meditation,” dozens of moments during the course of the day when we focus, just for a minute or two, on the Universe.  When we practice flowing meditation, we learn to look at all situations as possibilities for guidance.  It is at these times that co-creation with the Universe evolves into a process that is fully integrated within our lives.  Flowing meditation allows us to continually reinforce our commitment to the constructive thoughts that we hold in mind, express our gratitude to the Universe for the good that we are receiving during the day, and remind ourselves that we are being constantly sent messages so we must constantly be listening.  Flowing meditation is essential if we are to co-create through continuous communication with the Universe.

Second, we develop reminders to listen. Reminders help us to keep listening for the Universe’s messages at the top of our minds. These reminders can be notes in our daily planners and those placed around our homes and office area. We might carry a coin, or a stone, or some other physical reminder in our pocket or purse that we can see and touch throughout the day to remember to listen.  We might want to use a Universe Responding meditation medallion that has been specifically designed to remind us all the time of the importance of listening in the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life.

Third, we develop and use affirmations that we can easily recall and repeat during flowing, as well as structured, meditation.  Affirmations such as “I listen without ceasing” and “I listen, I hear, and I understand” are just two that are often used during flowing meditation.  In addition, a Three Part Affirmation (see page 34-35 in Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life for guidance about co-creating these affirmations) is an excellent companion to structured meditation.

The more we listen, the more we hear, and the more opportunities we have to discern the guidance that is within the messages.  Co-creation requires that we listen!
Book Signing Scheduled
Please mark your calendars for our upcoming book signings! Meet the author, have her autograph your book, and enjoy refreshments during this event:
Thursday, October 15 from 6pm - 8pm
Metabolic Balance of Celebration
607 Celebration Avenue


Join Valleri Crabtree as she teaches "The Five Elements of Universe Responding," a five week class to be held at the Florida School of Holistic Living, beginning on Wednesday, October 7.  Each class meets from 7pm - 8:30pm.  Class dates are October 7, 14, 21, 28, and November 4.

At each class meeting, one of the five elements of Universe Responding- Think, Believe, Listen, Act, and Acknowledge- will be discussed and explored. By the end of the five weeks, each student will be actively engaged in a continuous communication with their Higher Power, co-creating the life that she or he has always imagined!

For more information and to register, contact the Florida School of Holistic Living at or 407.595.3731.

Universe Responding,
A Spiritual Model For Life

Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life
is available online at: – both paperback and Kindle editions

is available at the following bookstores and boutiques:
Confetti in Celebration, FL
Barber and Beauty Emporium in Celebration, FL
Spiral Circle Bookstore in Orlando, FL
Shining Through Bookstore in Delray Beach, FL
Starchild Bookstore in Port Charlotte, FL

is available at the bookstores of the following Unity churches:
Unity of Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Unity Church of Melbourne, Melbourne, FL
Sarasota Unity Church, Sarasota, FL
New Life Unity Church, Tampa, FL
Unity of Fort Myers, Fort Myers, FL

Please watch the Universe Responding facebook page and  our web site  for newly added locations! Would you like to know more about our book?  To read what others are saying about the book, be sure to check out the testimonials and comments at and the reader reviews on!

And, in addition to the bookstores listed above...

Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life is now available through NEW LEAF DISTRIBUTING COMPANY!

This is a major, international distributor of books to retail bookstores. This means that you can now request our book at your favorite New Age/New Thought/Metaphysical book store!  Be sure to let them know that our book is available through
Unity Church of Peace in Port Charlotte, Florida
Valleri will be presenting the Sunday morning lesson and conducting an afternoon workshop at the Unity church in Port Charlotte on October 25 at 10am.  Between the service and the workshop, Valleri will hold a book signing.

Unity Church of Peace is located on Veterans Boulevard between Rutledge and Torrington Streets in Port Charlotte, Florida. For more information,see or call 941-423-8171.
Enjoy Universe Responding - The Song

Enjoy Universe Responding - The Song on the Universe Responding facebook page.  The complete, professionally recorded song can be heard at this location.  This beautiful song is the perfect companion to your study of Universe Responding.  Universe Responding - The Song beautifully sums up the concept of Universe Responding as it reminds us of its five elements.  Gaab set the lyrics, which were written by Valleri, to an outstanding musical arrangement, which he also performed.  To add it to your own music library, visit or where it is available for purchase.

Here are a few ways that you can learn more about Universe Responding...

* Purchase the book, Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life, which is the cornerstone of the Universe Responding concept.  To truly understand the power of this formula and how it can make a dramatic change in your life, the book is essential to your study.  See above for a listing of locations where the book is available.

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