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November, 2009                                                                                  Volume 1, Issue 5

Welcome to the November edition of the Universe Responding Newsletter. This month´s feature article focuses on the importance of THINK and LISTEN to daily decision-making. 

November is a time of Thanksgiving, and we are so thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that have come to us to share the Universe Responding concept! On October 25, Valleri presented the Sunday morning message, "The Law of Attraction- THINK is only the Beginning," and conducted an afternoon workshop at the Unity Church of Peace in Port Charlotte, FloridaThank you to Reverend Susan Wyllie and to all the great people at the Port Charlotte Unity Church.  Valleri has been invited to speak at the Unity Truth Center in Port Richey, Floridaon Sunday, January 17.  Please watch our web site and Universe Responding Facebook page for more information about this and other Unity churches that we´ll be visiting in January.

We are also so please to announce that we now have an Osceola County, Florida location to hold workshops and classes!  New World Wellness at 20 West Dakin Avenue in Kissimmee, Florida is hosting a Universe Responding workshop ("Starting 2010 Fear-Free! Using the Universe Responding concept for courageous co-creation") and a six-week course, both beginning in January.  This location compliments our relationship with the Florida School of Holistic Living in Orlando, where we will be conducting classes and workshops throughout 2010. Please be sure to check our Event Calendar at for details about these engagements and for more events and announcements. 

Thank you for reading our newsletter.  Blessings to you!


The Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life is not just for big goals and life-altering decisions.  While the concept should certainly be used in these instances, it is equally as important to use the Universe Responding formula for every decision, no mater how small or "mundane" the decision seems to be.

Universe Responding IS a Spiritual Model For ALL Life.  When you become accustomed to using THINK, BELIEVE, LISTEN, ACT, and ACKNOWLEDGE, you will find that you won´t ever want to make a decision without using this approach.  You´ll realize that all decisions need to be the product of the co-creative energy that results from continuous communication with your Higher Power.

To use the Universe Responding concept for every decision means that these decisions must arise from purposeful and constructive thinking.  This doesn´t mean that decisions should be delayed or subjected to unwarranted consideration.  We should always provide proportional time, thought, and energy relative to the importance or complexity of the decision.  What we are suggesting is that whatever that appropriate level of consideration might be, these decisions should be made with the same application of the Universe Responding elements as those decisions which have a much greater life impact.

Let´s say that I am considering whether or not I should have dessert.  The menu arrives and it´s my favorite-triple-layer chocolate cake with extra vanilla bean ice cream.  But instead of the automatic reaction to order it, I pause to communicate with the Universe.  If my ongoing constructive thought has been that I want to be in better shape and I´ve been affirming that I see myself as a physically fit person, now would be a great time to review any messages that the Universe might have sent or be sending to me in response to that constructive thought.  I look at the picture of the cake and decide that this decision will be one that is co-created.  What messages am I being sent that are either encouraging or discouraging me from ordering the cake?  Am I receiving a message through my intuition when I see that the dessert is $6.00? Do I feel uneasy about spending that amount which I might save or better spend elsewhere?  Did my intellect receive a message that could be applied to the cake?  Did I recently visit the doctor who admonished me to lose weight or I could begin experiencing health issues?  Now, instead of jumping to order cake and ice cream, I THINK and I LISTEN.  I reflect on the guidance of the messages that I´ve been sent. I then decide to act- do I have the dessert or not?

What is the right decision?  It depends on the guidance.  I might find that I´m guided to the healthier fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt dessert cup that is also on the menu.  It might be a special occasion that I have saved both my money and my calories for and I feel that selecting the cake is a co-created decision.  Or I may just decide that I will ignore the messages and make a decision that is ego-created rather than co-created.  Of course, when I do this, I am on my own and will experience whatever consequences there are.  I hope that this is not the choice that I make when faced with a similar decision to make.  While one time to order the high calorie dessert may not be that big of a deal, doing it over and over again is.

The point here is not to say that chocolate cake is bad or good.  Rather, it is to provide an example about how we can incorporate the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life into our daily decision-making so that we have a framework to co-create whatever the answer might be that is in harmony with our constructive thoughts and the Universe´s guidance in response to those thoughts.

Every decision should arise from constructive thinking, careful listening, and adherence to the Universe´s guidance.  Dismissing "small" decisions as too insignificant to be made with this level of spiritual care will eventually affect the larger, more encompassing decisions we must make.  We will find that we have weakened the foundation upon which these more significant choices must be supported with a myriad of inharmonious decisions.

If you´ve not incorporated communication with God into ALL your decision-making processes, begin today to do so.  You´ll find that the answers to your concerns become more apparent, the alternative that you should select becomes more obvious, and your comfort with your choices increases dramatically.

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