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The Universe Responding Institute, Inc. has been organized to study, research, and document the effects of the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life on the entire range of daily life activities and interests and to present and publish the results of this study and research in appropriate forums. Our Institute’s purpose is both religious and educational within the meaning of IRC section 501(c)(3).

Periodically, the Institute will conduct studies that will involve how the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life has changed and transformed participants’ lives.

Some of these studies will focus on the Universe Responding concept’s enhancement of

relationships with God and with spouses, partners, children and friends;
physical health and wellness;
personal finances and economic well-being;
work and business success and relationships; and
mental and emotional health

The Universe Responding Institute will also join with theologians and religious scholars from all denominations and beliefs as well as a wide array of spiritual practitioners as part of a series of studies and publications that are intended to demonstrate the compatibility of the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life will all spiritual belief systems. Through these studies, a series of e-books will be made available to assist those with a strong religious background to be able to benefit from guidance in interweaving the Universe Responding concept with their beliefs.

Watch the Universe Responding Community Member area for notices about studies that are ready to begin. Community Members have the first opportunity to participate before requests for volunteers are published here and in Universe Responding social networking pages.



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