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The Meditation Medallion - A Beautiful Reminder to "Listen Without Ceasing"

One of the cornerstones of the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life is the concept of "listen without ceasing." The Universe continually responds to our constructive thoughts by sending us messages through its many messengers. The more we listen, the more we hear, and the more our actions become guided by the divine wisdom of the Universe!

The Meditation Medallion is a companion to both our structured and our flowing periods of meditation. Held during those times when we are silent and focused, it centers our attention on the importance of listening. Carried in a pocket, attached to a mirror, or displayed on a desk, it increases our awareness of Universe Responding as we go about our daily experiences. The nickel Meditation Medallion, with its polished raised depiction of the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life, is a beautiful reminder to "listen without ceasing."

Universe Responding Meditation Medallion

Nickel Pocket Medallion
Price: $9.99

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