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How to remain positive in business after idea theft
Lana B.
I think this is going a little far- If you hold to this logic, then "crimes" are committed against people who want to be victimized ... this does not make sense to me as it would mean that thosepoor little children vicitmized by pervesrt actually "waqnted it"???? To disgusting to even imagine.

On a more practical level I think it might be helpful to consider how you may have contributed to the theft ...

Are you in a competitive environment? Did you tell others about your work?

You may want to consider visitng the NUTSHELL LEGAL: SERIES ON COPYRIGHT

Finally, I know of no doctor or researcher or layperson who fully understands the "subconscious" so I would be wary of who you speak with and listen to, without good credetials and experience why would you listen to a layperson with no understanding of the topic?

This is the essence of the "blind leading the blind".

Best regards,

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