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Below you will find many of the testimonials that Universe Responding has received.

Amazingly as I read the book I became hyper aware of how my life was unfolding exactly as I truly wished it to. It was so affirming to go through my day and then read the book and feel the power of the universe responding, manifesting in my life.
  -- Joanne King

I finished the book in less than a day. I can´t say enough good things about it. Valleri, it´s not just another book on spirituality. It´s a handbook for living! I suggest everyone buy their own copy. It´s not something that you want to lend out to a friend. You´ll want to read it again before they return it.
  -- Martha

Nicely done - I love what I´ve read so far! I´m using it as a tool - carrying it with me. And whenever I feel the need for a bit of wisdom from the Universe, I open it at random, and it always opens to something that is completely appropriate to whatever the situation is. I love it when I come across a book that I can do this with! Thanks Valleri!
  -- Sandi Daly

I devoured the book in one sitting. Even though I do not believe in a personal deity, my experience is that the general principles of Universe Responding are correct. More than any other single thing, what we think about ourselves and the world around us determines what kind of life we will have. I find that this often manifests itself in meaningful coincidences--what Carl Jung called synchronicity.
  -- Michael Arth

More than a manual about how to lead a more positive, fulfilling and successful life, "Universe Responding: A Spiritual Model For Life" is also a fascinating, well-written story of one woman´s journey of self-discovery, which held my interest from the first page to the last. Valleri Crabtree´s creative, positive and inspiring approach to life embraces the universe around us, offering helpful guidance and insight.
  -- Sheri Morton

"I highly recommend the book, ´Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life´ for those seeking to make a positive change in their lives. A more positive and insightful guide to creating the life you wish to live would be hard to find. More than just wishful thinking, ´Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life´ is a must read handbook for creating a happy and better future."
  -- Diane Finney - Mystery Writer / Artist

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