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August 2009
Volume 1, Issue 2

Welcome to the August edition of the Universe Responding Newsletter. In this issue, we discuss the starting point for the practice of Universe Responding- to ENGAGE- and how the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life gives us the practical path to follow once we’ve made this commitment. Our newsletter also provides information about the various ways to learn more about the Universe Responding concept.  Please read about our upcoming events such as book signings and live presentations and check out the newly added bookstores that are now offering Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life.  Another update- our book is now available in a Kindle edition over We appreciate your comments and insights and look forward to growing and exploring together.

The first chapter of Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life, is titled “Engage.” Why did I select this as the starting point for the book? I did so because this is the starting point for everything that we want in our lives.

When we begin any endeavor- no matter how small or how large- we must ENGAGE. We must take on an attitude that is awake, aware, and alive! We consciously decide to move in the direction of our goals, needs, wants, or desires.

Engagement means commitment. When we make a commitment to do anything, we make a promise with ourselves and sometimes with others that we are going to do whatever it is that we have promised to do.  Commitment also means that we will do the activities that are needed to implement this promise.  We decide that we are going to lose weight.  We make a commitment to do this through diet and exercise.  We make a commitment that we will be faithful to another person.  We avoid those activities which might cause us to stray down a path contrary to this promise while engaging in activities that will strengthen our relationship.

Doing nothing will get us nothing. When we don’t engage, we don’t move forward; in fact, we will find ourselves moving backwards, setting ourselves adrift in a sea of discontentment and confusion, not knowing where to turn, what to expect, or what to do. That’s not much fun for us or for those who love us and depend on us. But the good news is that it can be totally different. To make it different, though, we must decide to do something. That something is that we must decide to ENGAGE.

Engage what? As the opening of the first chapter of Universe Responding urges:

Engage in thinking constructively and purposefully.
Engage in affirming a belief in the Universe’s divine power.
Engage in listening to the Universe responding.
Engage in following the messages that have been sent.
Engage in thanking the Universe as a co-creator of life.

When you decide to engage, you do decide to transform your life. Once you decide to engage, you will be absolutely amazed what will begin to happen to you.

Taking this first step is often difficult.  Our lives are so very busy with all our daily activities, we question how we could possibly add one more thing to what we are now doing.  How can we find this time to engage and to follow-through with the commitment that we’ve made? 

I would suggest that we adjust our thinking about our spiritual growth. Instead of seeing the spiritual part of our lives as a separate aspect to our being, a project that is worked on and completed or an event that happens every Sunday morning, view it as totally integrated in every single dimension of our lives.  Rather than looking at this commitment as another item on our “to do” list, view it as the foundation of every “to do” list that we could possibly construct!  When we do this, we understand why it is so important to ENAGE.  We realize that we need to allocate the time and the focus to begin this life-changing process.

Thus, we decide to ENGAGE! We start by deciding that wherever we are in life, we can be more fulfilled. Perhaps we want a stronger connection with God. Maybe we want more financial prosperity in our lives. Our desire might be better relationships or enhanced health. Whatever it is, we admit to ourselves and to the Universe that we are no longer satisfied with our current state of being and that we are ready to ENGAGE. Upon making that decision, we start the wheels of blessings turning!

But what’s the vehicle that will get us to where we want to go? The Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life will do that! In this newsletter, you’ll find a list of the many ways that you can begin your practice of Universe Responding.  The starting point is to read the book, Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life.  This book is the centerpiece of the Universe Responding concept and provides the foundation for everything that we discuss.  It is, as described by many of those who have read it, a guidebook for life. 

Once you engage, then you are ready to THINK, BELIEVE, LISTEN, ACT, and ACKNOWLEDGE. These five simple straightforward elements of the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life will take you over and over again to all those places that you want to go. Instructive principles that support and explain each element keeps you on the right track to your destination.  As you read and study about this concept and practice it consistently in your life, you’ll soon begin to internalize it. You find that this formula has become a part of you and your relationship with your Higher Power. You will come to EXPECT good things to happen to you- and that will be what you will receive on a consistent, ongoing basis! It’s here, right now, for you!

Decide today to ENGAGE! All it takes is your decision to begin this co-creative process- or enhance one that you are already practicing- with the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life!  What happens tomorrow is determined by your decisions today. By deciding to engage today, you’ll be one step closer to the life that you’ve always imagined tomorrow!

Enjoy Universe Responding - The Song

Enjoy Universe Responding - The Song on the Universe Responding
facebook page.  The complete, professionally recorded song can be heard at this location.  This beautiful song is the perfect companion to your study of Universe Responding.  Universe Responding - The Song beautifully sums up the concept of Universe Responding as it reminds us of its five elements.  Gaab set the lyrics, which were written by Valleri, to an outstanding musical arrangement, which he also performed.  To add it to your own music library, please go to the home page of where it is available for purchase.

Universe Responding,
A Spiritual Model For Life

Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life

is available at: - both paperback and Kindle editions

Confetti in Celebration, Florida

Barber and Beauty Emporium in Celebration, Florida

Unity of Ft. Lauderdale Bookstore in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Spiral Circle Bookstore in Orlando, FL

Shining Through Bookstore in Delray Beach, FL (beginning August 20)

Please watch the Universe Responding facebook page and  our web site  at for newly added locations! Would you like to know more about our book? Check out the testimonials at and the reader reviews on!

Book Signings Scheduled

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming book signings! Meet the author, have her autograph your book, and enjoy refreshments during these events:

Sunday, August 2, 2009 from noon until 2pm at Confetti in Celebration, FL

Thursday, August 13, 2009 from 7pm until 9pm at Barber and Beauty Emporium in Celebration, FL

Thursday, August 20, 2009 from 6pm until 10pm at Shining Through Bookstore in Delray Beach, FL during the Art and Jazz on the Avenue event

Plan to Attend our August Event!

Universe Responding at the Mind Body Spirit Expo on August 29 and 30
Kerr Scott Building
North Carolina State Fairgrounds
Raleigh, North Carolina

Universe Responding will be hosting a booth (Booth number 504) during the following times:
Saturday, August 29 10am - 7pm
Sunday, August 30 11am - 6pm

Join Valleri for a special presentation-"Universe Responding and The Law of Attraction"- at 4pm on Saturday in Room 1.

Click Here for information about our booth and Valleri´s presentation!

For information, please contact BMSE at 541.482.3722 or visit


Here are a few ways that you can learn more about Universe Responding...

* Purchase the book, Universe Responding, A Spiritual Model For Life, which is the cornerstone of the Universe Responding concept.  To truly understand the power of this formula and how it can make a dramatic change in your life, the book is essential to your study.  See above for a listing of locations where the book is available.

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* Attend a live presentation or workshop conducted by Valleri or attend a book signing in your area.  Check the web site for details!
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