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Welcome to “Universe Responding on the RADIO.”

An important way that we share the Universe Responding Spiritual Model For Life is through our radio programs and interviews with its co-creator, Valleri Crabtree. If you are connected with a television or radio network, station, or program and would like to arrange for Valleri to appear, please contact us at

The Universe Responding Weekly Program on
Our mission to teach others about the Universe Responding formula for co-creation through continuous communication with God has taken another huge step forward with our new affiliation with Unity.FM. Valleri will be hosting a weekly one-hour live call-in program, Universe Responding, on Unity.FM as part of the network’s new “partner programs.” The first program airs on Monday, January 4, 2010 at 11:00am EST and will be broadcast each Monday thereafter at this time. The theme for each week’s program will be posted on Valleri’s host page at www.Unity.FM and on our web site at . Listeners are invited to participate with their questions or comments by calling 1-888-346-9194, by sending an e-mail to, or by posting them to the Universe Responding Facebook page Wall.
Every Monday morning, beginning on December 7, the Universe Responding Co-Creation Café airs at 10:00am EST on the Holistic Globe Radio Network. During this half-hour pre-recorded show, you’ll have the opportunity to hear Valleri discuss and explain important aspects of the Universe Responding concept in an energized, exciting, and entertaining way. Just click on the Holistic Globe Radio icon to the left to hear the programming currently being broadcast, and, at 10:00am EST on Monday mornings, be sure to click to find out what’s on the manifestation menu at the Universe Responding Co-Creation Café!
  Would you like to hear past broadcasts of the Universe Responding Co-Creation Café? Press on the button at left to see their titles and to hear these archived programs.
On November 4, 2009, Valleri appeared as a guest on “Design Your Life with Reverend Kevin Ross and Friends.” The interview touched on several Universe Responding topics and illustrated how the principles of the Unity movement and of Universe Responding are extremely complimentary. To hear her interview, please click on the logo at left.

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